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Re: (ITS#6057) "slapo-rwm interferes with content-sensitive ACLs"

David wrote:
> Yup this works, good work, thanks.
> Seems a tad slow though, do filters like these drastically slow down the
> search?

It applies some overhead: for each value of each attribute of each entry 
it needs to check whether the memberOf attr is present; if it is, a 
berval comparison is needed (compare the length first, and the value in 
case of match).  As usual, it depends on the structure of your data.

Also, but this is independent of ACL evaluation, slapo-rwm duplicates 
each entry as soon as it needs to do some manipulation on it (like 
massaging the DNs and so).

If you notice any significant overhead, you might want to profile the 
execution of your slapd, to point out what's the actual bottleneck.


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