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Re: (ITS#6055) Samba4 need 'name' implementation like AD (RDN-Name)

abartlet@samba.org wrote:

>> The only problem I see in defining such an attribute is that its
>> syntax should allow the value of any syntax, so it should probably be
>> octetString or something like that. =20
> I think the AD document I reference explains that only some attributes
> can be an RDN, so it limits them to those with a unicode string
> representation I suppose.=20

OK, I coulnd't follow up to the document you cited.

> There is another attribute that follows the 'type' of RDN btw (never
> seen it used, but it's in the docs).=20
>> From the implementation point of view, what operations should it be
>> used for?  If you only need it to be returned with searches, and to be
>> compared, then the implementation would be trivial (it could be
>> dynamically generated, much like entryDN, as far as I can tell).  If
>> you need to search for it, namely use it in a filter, then it might be
>> better to store it in the database.  This would require to handle add
>> and modrdn, forbid modify, and nothing else.
> Like entryDN, we need to be able to search on it, so it should probably
> be persistent.

Ok.  Unlike entryDN, which is not persistent but evaluated on the fly 
based on dn2id indexes, unless we hardcode this in slapd (don't think 
so) we need to make the attr persistent.  It's on the todo list.


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