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RE: (ITS#5856) adauth overlay contribution


Fair comments - the package was basically wrapped up from an internal packa=
ge used in HP (which indeed has internal processes to map ED accounts to th=
eir equivalent AD DNs). The desire was to donate the package rather than se=
e it live only in HP - at least someone might find a use for it. Clearly yo=
u think that the friction of installation limits its utility - and that's a=
 perfectly fine observation.

A lot of the "mapping" name stuff was legacy from when there was a lot more=
 functionality in the package, since it did NTLM authentication as well, to=
 a multitude of NT4 domain controllers. In that world, there really was a m=
apping, but that's not true in the simplified world of Adauth.

In light of the comments, it's probably better to drop the package in its e=
ntirety until I have time to address the structural issues highlighted.