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Re: (ITS#6050) make install overwrites schema dir

tmackey@zetta.net wrote:
> Full_Name: Theral Mackey
> Version: 2.4.16
> OS: Linux/Debian
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Running make install leaves an existing slapd.conf alone, but happily nukes and
> replaces the existing schema directory, taking with it any additional or custom
> schema, leaving you with only the ones installed by default (hooray for svn and
> backups!).

No, it doesn't.

> For consistency, it should probably either nuke slapd.conf as well, or leave an
> existing schema dir alone (I vote for option 2).

> fix should be as simple as an 'if [ ! -d $base/schema ] ; then (mkdir, cp
> schemas, etc) ; fi'  around where it drops the schemas in place in the Makefile

Since you're already looking in the Makefile, you should see this for the 
install-schema: rule...

install-schema: FORCE
     @if test -d $(DESTDIR)$(schemadir) ; then \
         echo "MOVING EXISTING SCHEMA DIR to $(DESTDIR)$(schemadir).$$$$" ; \
         mv $(DESTDIR)$(schemadir) $(DESTDIR)$(schemadir).$$$$ ; \
     $(MKDIR) $(DESTDIR)$(schemadir)

The existing schema directory is simply renamed / moved out of the way. If you 
had any custom schema files stored there, they are still there.

This ITS will be closed.
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