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Re: Fw: Re: (ITS#5988) entries skipped in n-way mutimaster replication

adrien.futschik@atosorigin.com wrote:

>>  Some changes have been made in the syncprov overlay's queue management in
>> CVS HEAD. The test050 script has also been changed to test up to 9 masters,
>> and it passes for me with several hundred iterations of 9 servers. (Some of
>> the timing delays have to be increased though.)
> I have tested the HEAD version of OpenLDAP (10/03/09 - 14:48) and I still have 
> problems with some entries not being added.

There are important bugfixes committed after 10/03/09, including fixes 
to this ITS. As of now you should test the RE24 branch, which is being 
prepared for an upcoming 2.4.16 release.