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Re: (ITS#6018) TLS memory leak

As you methioned, I move ldap_set_option() with NULL to the main
thread. And, I also use  libldap_r instead of libldap. A specific
handler is really only used in a single thread.
In every thread, it always returns NULL, because it is just a test
code and it always print "connect ok" while it is running.

I think memory leak may happen when the code of openLDAP uses openssl
function such as initialize connection in ldap_start_tls_s(). For
every thread, there may be some special structures for SSL/TLS which
need to be freed after the end of the thread.
I find that Windows has a function ldap_stop_tls_s() related to

For my software, I want to create processes instead of threads to
avoid this problem.