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Re: (ITS#6014) rev. 1.121 of clients/tools/common.c makes ldapmodify coredump

d@delphij.net wrote:

> Here is a patch that intends to fix #6014.  getpassphrase() (which in
> turn would be a getpass() call, or lutil_getpass() call), returns a
> pointer from a static char * pointer, which should never be free()'ed.
> Therefore, a strdup() should be called.
> Note that, since both getpass() implementation could return NULL, we can
> not strdup() directly.  Instead, we need to detect whether it's NULL and
> handle separately.

Probably, a better solution would be to implement a

lutil_get_terminal_password(char *prompt, struct berval *passwd)

routine that mallocs as appropriate.


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