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Re: (ITS#6017) Implement parentGUID or similar in OpenLDAP

abartlet@samba.org wrote:

> I found the formal spec in MS-ADTS:
> It currently reads:
>      parentGUID
>   This attribute is not present on an object that is the root of an NC.
> For all other objects, let TO be
>   the object from which the parentGUID attribute is being read and let
> TP be TO!parent.
>   TO!parentGUID is equal to TP!objectGUID.

Sounds like a nightmare of internal searches if we want to generate it 
on the fly (although possibly acceptable by those queries that require it).

It might be worth to consider storing it in directory, and track 
add/rename operations accordingly.  The overlay that implements it 
should also provide a tool hook for bi_tool_entry_put.


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