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(ITS#6016) Make moduleload automatic

Full_Name: Andrew Bartlett
Version: 2.4.15
OS: Fedora 9
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

In Samba4, we generate a slapd.conf for OpenLDAP as part of our
provision-backend process.  This avoids administrators needing to guess at
Samba's specific requirements.

However, this places the Samba4 software in the position of having to guess how
this host's OpenLDAP installation was compiled.  In particular, we need to guess
if the required overlays are built in, or modules.

Work was done a while back to avoid us having to guess what the module path is
(the default is is now hard-coded in the binary), but we still have to guess
which set of modules to load.  Currently this is done in 'make test' by guessing
different sets of modules in an included 'modules.conf' and running slaptest
until we find a combination that works.

We (Samba4) would really like it if the slapd binary would load modules
(assuming a one-to-one mapping between overlay/backend names and modules) from
that default path, if not found static in the binary.

This way, Samba would not specify modules at all in the slapd.conf, but they
would be loaded as required, if required.


Andrew Bartlett

(As discussed with Howard Chu on #openldap-devel)