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Re: (ITS#6004) test039 seg faults

Howard Chu wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>> P.S.: I had this case more than once: A test script exited with error
>> when being run within 'make test' but then I can't reproduce the issue.
> Yeah, that's the nature of things. We should probably add a "ulimit -c
> unlimited" to the run script so we can always get a core file.

Already added this to my build script which also invokes 'make test'.

> Problems of this type that occur during "make test" but not when
> running the individual script seem to have a dependency on the memory
> pressure from other processes. (I.e., when "make test" is running
> there are more processes than when you simply run an individual
> script.)

Well, I thought running OpenOffice, Seamonkey and an additional virtual
machine on my ancient 1 GB laptop is enough "memory pressure". But it
seems to happen rarely.

> In this case, it's most likely ITS#5733, which still hasn't been tracked
> down.

Anyway I was able to obtain a stack-trace. See my other posting.

Ciao, Michael.