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Re: (ITS#6001) SID of queued CSN must match that of op

hyc@symas.com wrote:

> So even with this fix in HEAD, test058 still reports 2 errors for me. Are 
> these patches really ready for test? (Or release?)

2 errors from test058 is currently to be expected, as are occational 
race errors.  The number of race tests can be set with the RACE_TESTS 
environment variable (default 10).  I have seldom seen it pass 100...
Fixing this requires changing where syncrepl stores its contextCSN and 
how syncprov pics up its changes.  I'll return on -devel with some 
thoughts I have about that, hopefully later today.

As of my recent additions, specifically ITS#5972 and ITS#5973, I have 
run with them in production since around 2.4.12, in a configuration 
similar to test058.  5972 I believe to be safe, but 5973 could need 
extra attention.  Updating the csn as it does highly depends on all 
syncrepl received changes to be on the queue destined for the consumers 
before the csn update is queued, and being sent in the queued order. 
So, please take an extra look on that one!