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Re: (ITS#5984) chain/syncprov problems

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:

> Same problem once it is changed to:
> overlay                    chain
> chain-uri                  "ldap://xxx";
> chain-idassert-bind        bindmethod="simple"
>                            binddn="cn=Manager,dc=XYZ,dc=com"
>                            credentials="secrets"
>                            mode="self"
> chain-tls                  start
> chain-return-error         TRUE
> slapd still fails to start as long as both chain and syncprov are enabled. 
> It also fails to log any reason as to why it's failing to start up.

It's working just fine here (HEAD/re24).  The main differences in 
configuration are modules (everything here is built statically) and few 
paths, URIs and so.  You should walk through it with a debugger, after 
identifying (with -d -1) how far it gets before going berserk.


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