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Re: (ITS#5696) Patch - support Mozilla NSS for crypto operations

Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> On Feb 24, 2009, at 1:01 PM, richm@stanfordalumni.org wrote:
>> Perhaps a better question is - how would you like it to work?

> I prefer that we leave the builder with as freedom as possible.

Right, that makes the most sense.

>> I'm assuming there must be some way specify which crypto you want to
>> build
>> openldap with - is that a configure option?
> Presently there is:
> 	--with-tls=[auto,openssl,gnutls]
> I assume we'd just add an 'nss' option to the above.  However, Howard
> might have other things in mind.

Yes (but the option will be "moznss").

>>>> Note
>>>> that both NSPR and NSS support pkg-config
>>> Here would be to ensure that the proper pkg-config is in the PATH.
>>> Of course, pkg-config stuff gets stuff into the environment in some
>>> fixed order, which does take away some freedom from the builder.  I
>>> guess the builder can always manually adjust the order (by providing
>>> CPPFLAGS, etc., directly) and then provide a pkg_config which does
>>> little.  So the freedom is there, just harder to take advantage of.
>> The original patch -
>> ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/openldap-2.4.11-nss-20080911.patch -
>> assumes the use of pkg-config - I suppose that is not sufficient.
> My only concern would be whether or not pkg-config use here is
> specific to a particular 3rd party packaging of NSS versus something
> available with all installs of NSS.

I currently build against a copy of NSS in my Mozilla build tree. There's 
nothing installed with pkg-config. I would like to avoid a dependency on 

Also, the patch uses the OpenSSL-compatibility stuff in NSS. The current code 
in HEAD uses NSS natively, and I'd prefer not to have the -compat dependency 
as well. That's a key requirement to me personally, because otherwise it will 
not interoperate with Mozilla/Seamonkey, and right now that's my primary goal 
for this work.

It's been a few months since I last looked at this and it took me a while to 
remember all the issues surrounding it...

There are two major problems with the current MozNSS support in HEAD:
1) It does no initialization of its own. This works with Seamonkey/Thunderbird 
because the main app has already initialized the NSS library; libldap just 
uses the state that's already there. Code to initialize properly when NSS 
hasn't already been initialized still needs to be written.
2) It cannot shutdown safely. This is a weakness in the NSS API that was 
discussed at length in the Mozilla newsgroups. Unfortunately that discussion 
went nowhere. (The NSS_Shutdown() function tears down the library 
unconditionally; if there were multiple callers of the library and one of them 
shuts down because it's going away, all of the other callers lose the library 

Another problem I've had in integrating is that the documentation is out of 
date with the code - the docs recommend certain APIs and practices that are 
actually deprecated in the actual code. This has led down a lot of blind 
alleys/dead ends that could otherwise have been avoided...

> I'll be leaving the actual technical review of your patch to Howard or
> other active committers.

   -- Howard Chu
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