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Re: OpenLDAP crashes with segfault

--On Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:36 AM +0100 Tim Stone <tmstn68@googlemail.com> wrote:


I've installed OpenSuse 11 on a 64bit Intel Xeon. I configured one
OpenLDAP as sync provider and the second one as consumer (RefeshOnly).

But every time, a change is made in the provider and the consumer try
to sync, the Provider crashs with segfault.
I configured a own filter in syslog so that the slapd is logging in an
exra logfile. The loglevel is -1. In the logfile are no related
information. In the syslog I found following line:

Feb 18 13:30:35 ldap-11 kernel: slapd[6151]: segfault at 8 ip
7f18d3a7b695 sp 40a60400 error 4 in libc-2.8.so[7f18d3a04000+14f000]

To debug this, I turned corefiles on:

sysctl -w kernel.core_pattern=/core
sysctl -w kernel.core_uses_pid = 1
ulimit -c unlimited

but no corefiles are created ...

Can anyone help me?

What openldap release are you using? Also, in general, you probably have to set one of {kernel,fs}.suid_dumpable (the name of it depends on the kernel version) to 2 and you may need to modify /etc/profile to allow subprocesses to get ulimit -c unlimited.



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