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Re: (ITS#5945) --enable-backends=auto support

Howard Chu wrote:
> Kurt Zeilenga wrote:
>> I just noting that for testing, it kind of nice to just be able to do
>>      ./configure --enable-backends=auto --enable-overlays=auto
>>      make
>>      make test
>> To test everything that available on the box.
> Note that there's no need for an "auto" for overlays - all of the core
> overlays are self-contained with no external dependencies, and that should
> always be the case.
> I agree that "testing everything available" would be nice, because I
> frequently forget to --enable-slapi or various other switches. But I don't
> think --enable-everything will suit either.
Perhaps a decent alternative would be just to read a set of --enable switches 
from ~/.openldap_config or somesuch. I.e., have a file of defaults...

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