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Re: (ITS#5942) URI matching of "self" in add_syncrepl is incomplete

Jonathan Clarke wrote:
> On 13.02.2009 01:23, Howard Chu wrote:
>> If you want a setup similar to test049, follow what it does. If you
>> want to something else, do otherwise.
> I am following what test049 does. Only difference is test049 starts
> slapd with "-h $URI1" (with URI1="ldap://localhost:9011/";) and I start
> slapd with no -h option or a slightly different URI. This is quite
> common, I believe.

And the slapd(8) manpage clearly states that with no -h option, it defaults to 
"ldap:///";. If the default suits your purpose, use it. If not, then specify 
the URL you want explicitly. Yes, it's quite common to start slapd with no -h 
option, because it suits the general case. This discussion is not about the 
general case.

> If you patch the test as follows, it fails:

Obviously you should not do that.

>> There are valid reasons to point a syncrepl consumer at the same slapd
>> (e.g., proxy syncrepl, automatic local backup/mirroring, rewriting a
>> subtree of a main database, etc.). Using the exhaustive matching that
>> serverID uses would preclude those cases from working.
> I see. I understand you don't want to break existing functionality.
> However, I still feel this is a bug, or at least that you need to "hack"
> the setup to get things working as expected.

The docs state that "syncrepl provider" is the LDAP URI of the master server. 
If you're not putting in the same URI as the master is using, that's a config 
error, not a bug.

> Would I be right in assuming that in all the "valid reasons to point a
> syncrepl consumer at the same slapd" you mention, the syncrepl consumer
> uses a different base DN than the base DN of the database that the
> syncrepl consumer is configured on?  If so, maybe the exhaustive matching
> that serverID uses could be used, if and only if those two base DNs are
> different?

That sounds reasonable. Will think about it a bit more. Certainly if the two 
base DNs are the same, it will cause a loop...
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