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Re: (ITS#5938) tls.c does not conform to RFC 4513

On Feb 10, 2009, at 7:56 AM, nick.hudson@isode.com wrote:

> Full_Name: nick hudson
> Version: 2.3.38
> OS: linux
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I am looking at the code in tls.c, function  
> ldap_pvt_tls_check_hostname
> (although the code has been refactored in recent versions, into e.g.  
> tls_o.c,
> but the same is true of the new code)
> I think the code is doing something that RFC 4513 says that it  
> should not do.
> Specifically, ref RFC 4513 section 3.1.3 says:
>   The server's identity may also be verified by comparing the  
> reference
>   identity to the Common Name (CN) [RFC4519] value in the leaf  
> Relative
>   Distinguished Name (RDN) of the subjectName field of the server's
>   certificate.  This comparison is performed using the rules for
>   comparison of DNS names in Section, below, with the  
> exception
>   that no wildcard matching is allowed.
> In tls.c (and the refactored code), you can see it's first  
> attempting an exact
> comparison on subjectAltName, and if that fails it tries a wildcard  
> match (which
> is ok, as per section
> But if no subjectAltName match is found, there's another section  
> which looks at
> the certificate's subjectname, in which it also does a wildcard  
> match, although
> the RFC says this shouldn't be done.

This is a case where OpenLDAP library is purposely being 'liberal in  
what it accepts'.

-- Kurt