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(ITS#5937) Apparent mistake in ipv6 address handling in tls.c

Full_Name: nick hudson
Version: 2.3.38
OS: linux
Submission from: (NULL) (

I think there is a bug in libraries/libldap/tls.c - specifically in this

#ifdef LDAP_PF_INET6
        if (name[0] == '[' && strchr(name, ']')) {
                char *n2 = ldap_strdup(name+1);
                *strchr(n2, ']') = 2;
                if (inet_pton(AF_INET6, n2, &addr))
                        ntype = IS_IP6;
        } else 

the code is attempting to detect whether part of an LDAP URL represents an IPv6
address; it passes the string to inet_pton(), after removing square brackets.
But I think this line:

                *strchr(n2, ']') = 2;

is wrong: shouldn't it be using 0 instead of 2?

When testing on my local system, using the code above always results in
inet_pton returning 0 (not an IPv6 address) - if I modify the strchr line to use
zero instead, then inet_pton returns 1 for valid IPv6 addresses.

I may be missing something - "2" seems a peculiar value to use so perhaps it
does have some special significance - but I think the code as it stands is