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Re: (ITS#5929) 'make test' uses installed libldap_r/liblber

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> Thanks for checking this out.
>> If you want this to work you'll have to provide both the build
>> directory and your installed directory in your -rpath.
> Doesn't sound good either.  Then I presume the installed binaries may
> later use libraries from a test build.

Probably. You can of course edit the relink commands in the wrapper to 
eliminate the build runpath, but it's a lot of manual intervention no matter 
how you slice it.
>> The symlinks would then help a little, because you only need to set
>> one build rpath instead of 3. Go ahead and restore the build rules in
>> your source tree to set the symlinks if you want them. At the moment
>> it looks like they're not generally useful, and I'm tired of
>> committing/reverting, so I'm not touching those files any more today.
> I don't have time for this now either, but I'll hopefully get to it
> soon.  I wonder if a fix will be to revert the recent libtool upgrade:-(
> Of course it may be that this situation has existed for ages but I only
> noticed because of the missing ldap_pvt_search symbol.
The build rules were changed in OL 2.1, it's been like this for ages...

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