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(ITS#5935) segfault in syncrepl.c when replacing olcSyncrepl values by syncrepl on cn=config

Full_Name: Jonathan Clarke
Version: RE24
OS: CentOS 5.2 x64
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Hi all,

We have encountered a segfault that occurs in syncrepl.c, on line 1449 (from a
checkout of RE24 today).

This occurs during replication of cn=config, by a thread in do_syncrepl on
rid=999. Syncrepl pulls in new values for olcSyncRepl on cn=config. This deletes
the configuration for rid=999, and adds configuration for rid=001 and rid=002.

Some debugging (lots) showed the following.

This thread enters syncrepl_config() 3 times:
1) Delete rid=999. This detects this syncrepl is running, and sets si->si_ctype
= 0 (as described in the comments in syncrepl.c line 4358). si is not freed,
since it's running. The c->be->be_syncinfo->si_cookieState is freed (line
2) Add rid=001
3) Add rid=002

Back in syncrepl.c on line 1449, the "final delete cleanup" looks for it's own
si in be->be_syncinfo. It of course doesn't find it (the config is deleted), and
segfaults when sip = null.

We have tried changing these lines to:
for ( sip = &be->be_syncinfo; sip != NULL || *sip != si; sip = &(*sip)->si_next
if (sip) {
    *sip = si->si_next;

However, we then encounter another segfault on line 1448, involving
be->be_syncinfo->si_cookieState, which was freed... It's a bit too much for us
at this point, do you have any more ideas?