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Re: (ITS#5889) [PATCH] Sending dereference field when retrying connection in meta backend

jorge.perez@adaptia.net wrote:

> When we have two slapds with a established meta connection between them and the
> connection is reset, for example by a router, the next search query will always
> be send with never in dereferencing.
> Steps to reproduce:
> - Established a meta connection between 2 slapds
> - Reset the connection, for example with cutter
> - Send a search dereferencing with something different to never.
> - See the results are no dereferenced.

Actually, I was reviewing this fix, and it seems that the code for alias 
dereferencing is inherently broken, essentially because the (C) API for 
alias dereferencing is broken.  In fact, back-ldap and back-meta reuse 
and pool connections, so setting this parameter using ldap_set_option() 
will actually affect all (search) operations occurring simultaneously in 
an unprotected manner.  I think this needs to be fixed.

The simplest (and my favorite) solution would be to have back-ldap and 
back-meta discontinue aliasing support.

Another option, which I do not consider particularly viable, is to 
separately pool connections with different alias dereferencing strategies

Finally (my second favorite option) is to add a new C API for 
ldap_search* operations that allows to explicitly set the alias 
dereferencing parameter.  This API does not need to be public, since it 
is mostly useful inside the proxy backends.


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