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Re: (ITS#5915) Some man pages still only talk about slapd.conf

hyc@symas.com writes:
> I guess for this release (and probably for 2.5) we're just going to
> have to document both, as cumbersome as that will be. When we get to
> to 2.6/3.0 and drop support for slapd.conf we'll have to come back
> thru again and delete the slapd.conf references from all the
> docs. Unless anyone has a better idea...

I'm not sure I see the problem, except that Someone(TM) must do the

For each configuration keyword, use two headers in the manpages: Both
the slapd.conf syntax and the cn=config syntax.  Explain at the
beginning of slapd.conf.5 or slapd-config.5.  We'll be deleting most of
the other one, since they are mostly duplicates.  Other manpages need
just one-line reminder for explanation.

There'll be exceptions that spell things out too differently, or use
slightly different parameters in slapd.conf and cn=config.  Keep them in
just slapd.conf-syntax, and add a separate cn=config attribute
description below.  Likely that'll only need to explain the difference.
Don't go trough literary contortions to fit them both into the same
description.  Some of these will likely be things that could use some
cleanup in the code anyway, bringing the two config formats in sync.

Take a random sample of the slapd.conf-syntax example sections and
replace with their cn=config equivalent.  Ensure all example sections
say either "slapd.conf example" or "cn=config example".

slapd.conf.5 and slapd-config.5 themselves will need sections about how
they work as interfaces to configuration, separate from the
configuration keywords/attributes themselves.  Since we are moving
towards cn=config, I suppose it's that one which should keep the actual
keyword/attribute descriptions.  Or they could move to a third file.