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Re: (ITS#5661) contextCSN gets corrupted on the stand by mirror

I'm seeing the same think on a 3-way multi-master setup here. Two servers 
(#001 & #002) are currently sat next to each other. The third (#003) is at a 
remote location. We're currently doing all amends through #001, although in 
the long term we'll be doing amends through all the servers.

When I checked them yesterday I spotted that the remote server had a corrupt 
contextCSN for server #001. I dropped the DB and synced both the config and 
data from the main server again overnight. On checking again today the 
contextCSN is once again corrupt.

In my case it's the first 8 bytes rather than the first 4.

I'm running 2.4.13 with bdb 4.7.25 (first 3 patches applied).


./configure --enable-dynamic --enable-crypt --enable-modules=yes  --enable-backends=mod
 --enable-overlays=mod --enable-sql=no --enable-ndb=no