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Re: (ITS#5904) Docs: admin guide describes log levels inconsistently

--On Saturday, January 24, 2009 10:51 PM +0000 ghenry@suretecsystems.com 

> The man pages always have the most details, but I think what ever the code
> has regarding options is the master source.
> Can anyone clarify?

Hm, I was under the impression that -d (debug level) and LOG level were 
different.  I.e., they don't always apply straight across.

       -d debug-level
	      Turn  on debugging as defined by debug-level.  If this option is
	      specified, even with a zero argument, slapd  will  not  fork  or
	      disassociate from the invoking terminal.	Some general operation
	      and status messages are printed for any  value  of  debug-level.
	      debug-level  is taken as a bit string, with each bit correspond-
	      ing  to  a  different  kind  of  debugging   information.    See
	      <ldap_log.h>  for  details.   Comma-separated arrays of friendly
	      names can be specified to select debugging output of the	corre-
	      sponding debugging information.  All the names recognized by the
	      loglevel directive described in slapd.conf(5) are supported.  If
	      debug-level  is  ?,  a  list of installed levels is printed, and
	      slapd exits.

And the man page for slapd seems to back that up.  I.e., any LOG level 
setting works with -d, but there may be -d options that are beyond what LOG 
level supports.



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