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Re: (ITS#5760) attribute hiding in rwm overlay

[please reply to the ITS, otherwise issues can't be tracked]

Brett @Google wrote:
> HI Ando,
> Do you know if the fix for ITS#5760 (says fixed for RE24 and HEAD) make it
> into RE24 in time for the 2.4.13 release ?

apparently, yes.

> If so, i can still see the behaviour here with 2.4.13, i can see operational
> attributes, but non non-operational attributes, when mapping both
> objectclass and attribute..
> Bug seems to be focused on using of *, rather than an explicit list of
> non-operational attrs which works, ie :
> I can search for attributes with * ( get all non-operational attributes )
> and don't get any non-operational attributes, whereas explicitly adding any
> non-operational attribute will result i a search returning the named values,
> which is allowable via the objectclass maps.
> seems to work the same (omitting non-oprational attrs), even if i dont
> specufy the objectclass rwm maps.

Not sure I understand.  Can you post simple (both working and not 
working) examples?


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