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Re: Re: Re (ITS#5843) N-way Multi-master doesn't replicate deletes under certain circumstances.

> No. Replication is supposed to work regardless of mode, refreshOnly / 
> refreshAndPersist should yield identical results.
> There is still a bug here.
You mean that the fact that N-way Multi-master doesn't replicate deletes properly when using "refreshOnly" is a bug ?

But N-way Multi-master seams to be working correctly when using "refreshAndPersist". I see some reasons why using "refreshOnly" instead of "refreshAndPersist", will this be corrected in the next release of OpenLDAP ?

What is recommended with OpenLDAP 2.4.11. Should we wait for the next stable release if we intend to use N-way Multi-master in production ?

Best regards

Adrien Futschik