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Re: (ITS#5895) Example in constraint manual and documentation

ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
> ----- ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> Gavin Henry wrote:
>>> Sorry, I presume this was a bug in the code and the docs document
>> the
>>> right behaviour?
>>> I'll revert them when you've confirmed.
>> As far as I remember, the bug was in the example in
>> slapo-constraint(5) 
>> man page ("[:digit:]" indicates the collection of values ":", "d",
>> "i", 
>> ..., while "[[:digit:]]" indicates "0"->"9").  The man page is correct
> OK, it was actually this bit:
> constraint_attribute mail regex ^[[:alnum:]]+@mydomain.com$
> and in HEAD it still only had one set of []. Both the admin guide and man page
> have been updated for this in my last commit.

Definitely my fault: apparently, I fixed it in my working copy long ago 
(maybe while offline) and forgot to commit.  I just found it out because 
of a conflict when updating with your fix.

Thanks, p.

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