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Re: (ITS#5880) back-bdb segfault

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:
> --On Saturday, January 17, 2009 2:38 AM +0000 jwm@horde.net wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 06:14:01PM -0800, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>>> --On Saturday, January 17, 2009 2:08 AM +0000 jwm@horde.net wrote:
>>>> RE24 as of 13 January 2009 is still crashing, sometimes due to an
>>>> assertion failure and sometimes due to a segfault when manipulating the
>>>> back-bdb cache.
>>> Well, I'm not sure I'd use RE24 CVS right now.  There's a lot of pending
>>> fixes that I'll be doing soon to go into it.
>> So your recommendation would be... to revert to 2.4.13 and wait for these
>> fixes to land in RE24 to see if they fix the back-bdb cache-related
>> segfaults I'm reporting in this ITS?
> I'm just warning that current RE24 is not expected to be at all stable.

I vaguely remember a discussion about deprecating back-bdb in favor of
back-hdb anyway.

Ciao, Michael.