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Re: (ITS#5890) N-Way Multi-Master replication - delete problem


at the documentation center. In section the "N-Way Multi-Master
replication" there is a hint that you have to configure
syncprov-sessionlog <size>.
This option is used by file based configuration.

In dynamic configuration 'olcSessionlog' is described as follows:
( OLcfgOvAt:1.2 NAME 'olcSpSessionlog' DESC 'Session log size in ops'

Best regards

Adrien Futschik schrieb:
> Thanks a lot !
> This seems to be working fine. Is this documented anywhere ? 
> I never saw that option before.
> Adrien Futschik
> ========================================
>  Hello,
>  add olcSpSessionlog to syncprov. I choose 1000 as value.
>  Best regards
>  Andreas

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