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Re: (ITS#5872) slapo-cloak

manu@netbsd.org wrote:

> The  cloak  overlay  to  slapd(8)  allows  the  server to hide specific
> attributes, unless explicitely requested by the  client.  This  improve
> performance when a client requests all attributes and get a huge binary
> attribute that is of no interest for it (think jpegPhoto)

I'd see this overlay more appropriate for contrib/slapd-modules right 
now, until its functionality is considered of general usefulness, which 
doesn't seem to be the case right now.

On a related note, if this can be considered of general usefulness, LDAP 
specs would need to be changed in order to define a finer grain of 
attribute request; something like:

empty or "*" ; all user, except attrs that need to be explicitly req.
"+" ; all operational
<all including attrs that need to be explicitly requested>


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