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Re: slapd hanging upon shutdown (ITS#5841)

Am Freitag 05 Dezember 2008 09:07:53 schrieb Howard Chu:
> I seem to recall there was a race such that the condvar had already been
> destroyed before it got here. Don't remember the details at the moment, and
> not in a position to look it up either, but perhaps trawling thru -devel
> will reveal it. Sounds like something Hallvard brought up in the past.

I failed to see how such a race could happen with the current code in HEAD. 
The condvar is only destroyed after ltp_open_count decreased to 0. There 
might have been such problems when _thread_pool_destroy just used a simple if 
statement (instead of a while loop) for checking ltp_open_count. But that has 
been changed long ago, as part of ITS#4943.

Maybe Hallvard can shed some light on this.