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(ITS#5839) overlay glue

Full_Name: Marin Le Houelleur
Version: 2.3.32
OS: Linux RH5.1
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Working for one year now with this version of Openldap. I come to the point I
need to glue different branch of my master to the slaves to manage complexe
filtering that I'm unable to manage with overlay syncrepl filters

Master : 1 db
database bdb 
suffix dc=exemple,dc=com
It contains following ou's : sites, applis and orgz
sites itselfs contains site1, site2... and may contain more which should not be
replicated to other sites
overlay synchrorepl

Slaves (1 per site) : 2 dbs
database bdb
suffix ou=sites,dc=exemple,dc=com
synchrepl rid=111
searchbase ou=sites,dc=exemple,dc=com

database bdb
suffix dc=exemple,dc=com
synchrepl rid=222
searchbase dc=exemple,dc=com
overlay glue
glue-sub ou=sites,dc=exemple,dc=com

@ slapd start the directive glue-sub is ignored
I tried on the first db to had directive "subordinate advertise" instead but
it's documented not to be needed when using glue overlay.
Nevertheless the 1st db is synchronised and searchable but not visible in tools
such as ldapbrowser.

best regards,