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(ITS#5831) Replication unreliable

Full_Name: Nils Hammar
Version: 2.4.13
OS: CentOS 5.2
URL: http://www.bedug.com/pics/openldap/nils-hammar-081127.tgz
Submission from: (NULL) (

OpenLDAP 2.4.13 has caused me some problems.

It doesn't work reliable when I try to set up MirrorMode replication following
the example given in the documentation at

What I do is to set up one node first using the setup in files found at:
http://www.bedug.com/pics/openldap/nils-hammar-081127.tgz, then I import an LDIF
file containing the data there. All is well so far, and then I start the second
node (which is having a completely uninitialized database), and it starts to
communicate with the node where I imported the LDIF file, but it soon "hangs"
and no further progress is made. It doesn't seem to replicate any data at all.

Using 2.4.12 everything works as I expect it to - the second node builds a
mirror of the first.

Right now I'm using BDB 4.6.21, since I wasn't able at all to make BDB 4.7.25
(with patch) to work. Not even "make test" succeded with the first test, it just
hung. (which is another problem, probably not related to this problem)