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Re: ldap_domain2hostlist is for "ldap" service only

Marc Lavergne writes:
> Have there been any considerations in providing a similar API for a
> service name other than "ldap"? For example, what if I wanted to find
> global catalog servers? Even though GCs are Active Directory specific,
> I don't see why OpenLDAP would not support that type of query.

I don't see much point.  dnssrv for LDAP is close to dead outside the
Microsoft world:  _ldap._tcp.<domain> is also in practice Active
Directory specific, because Microsoft "stole" it for their own purpose.
That is, when a site sets up Active Directory they are supposed to point
_ldap._tcp.<their domain> at their Active Directory serveres.

So if the site has Windows and uses Active Directory for that, but
uses another server for LDAP, they have two choices: Fight Microsoft
and likely buy themselves a world of trouble with users who expect
the "normal" AD setup, or drop _ldap._tcp.<domain> for its intended
use.  I can't imagine many choose the former.

(Unless I'm out of touch - for all I know they've switched to use
something else with Vista.  I don't use Windows myself.)