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RE: ITS#5822 slapd goes into sleeping mode

egarciab@alcatel-lucent.com writes:
> Did you see anytime a similar problem of slapd sleeping mode?

Slapd does not have a "sleeping mode", but there have been bugs with the
locking code.  E.g. a function takes a lock but in the case of some rare
error return it forgets to release it.  Then the next attempt to use
that resource (e.g. a locked entry, or a locked database) will hang.

I see you use "database oci".  This was never part of OpenLDAP as far as
I know.  <google oci site:openldap.org> shows the code was submitted.
I don't know the slapd SQL code and haven't checked if the code was
rejected because of some problem, or merged into back-sql, or something
else.  If you browse these messages, maybe that'll turn up your problem.