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Re: ITS#5822 slapd goes into sleeping mode

GARCIA BARRERA, Eduardo (Eduardo) wrote:
> Ok, I can fully understand your point.
> Anyway, from your expert point of view on openldap, and understanding
> that this is an obsolete version of slapd, I would like only two things
> that you probably know without consuming much time from your side.

It's not a matter of consuming my time.  We're all condemned to consume 
all of our time sooner or later.  It's a matter of consuming it on 
something we consider worth it, and enjoy it in the meanwhile.  One of 
the pleasures of working at free software is that nobody can really tell 
you what to work at :)

> Did you see anytime a similar problem of slapd sleeping mode?

Slapd has no "sleeping mode" (would it make any sense?)  Do the logs 
show anything relevant *before* slapd becomes unresponsive?

You mentioned that attaching the process with gdb is not an option, 
since it's operating in a very critical environment.  However, I believe 
you wouldn't make things any worse when it's no longer responding anyway.

> Did you think if there is any solaris patches that could fix similar
> problems?

Not a solaris expert, sorry.


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