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Re: ITS#5822 slapd goes into sleeping mode

GARCIA BARRERA, Eduardo (Eduardo) wrote:
> Pierlangelo,
> First of all, thanks for your quick answer. I just read carefully the
> instructions on "how to report a bug", and I will try my best to gather
> it.
> Anyway,  I got a question for you. Since the slapd process does not
> crash but keeps in a sleeping mode, and due to this machine is working
> in a very critical enviroment for our customer, is it needed to run gdb
> tool? 
> Besides, the problem happens in a random way, so we could run those
> commands when the slapd is sleeping and does not answer. When this
> happens, the ldapsearch command is not answered.
> Platform: SunOS MVICBDS01D05 5.9 Generic_118558-35 sun4u sparc
> SUNW,Sun-Fire-15000
> In this machine is also running oracle version .
> The slapd.conf file is attached to this email.

One issue is that you should clarify what version you're using.  If 
you're really using a OpenLDAP 2.1 release, then it's probably not worth 
the effort of tracing the issue: that release became historic in early 
2004.  No one will ever spend time finding a bug in it, or even 
backporting fixes to known bugs (unless very well rewarded, I guess).


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