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Re: (ITS#5793) RFE for flexible logging at 256/stats level

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> Wouldn't it make sense to entirely give up syslog'ging and use 
>> slapo-accesslog instead?
> Hmm, I think this change would be too radical. I still see some value in 
> text messages going to syslog. Configuration issues are sometimes more 
> obvious if you see the syslog messages of LDAP-enabled components and 
> the LDAP server one after the other in the same log.

I meant "give up" by not looking at logs for Gavin's purposes, not to 
eradicate them from the code.  Modifying "stats" logging would not 
probably be a big issue, if we define a specific mask: one bit for each 
operation, and one bit for success/failure.


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