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Re: (ITS#5805) Problem when modifying access control

emmanuel.duru@atosorigin.com wrote:
> I'm sorry, but I don't.
> cn=manager,c=fr was already the rootdn of config database (as well as rootdn
> of c=fr database) before doing the test, with no rootpw in the config
> database.
> My first test consisted in modifying both olcAccess and olcRootDn for all
> databases (if present) without changing any value (replacing the existing
> values with the same ones). Then I made another test, with olcAccess
> modifications only (on both frontend and config databases), and the problem
> still appears. It only appears if I modify olcAccess of both databases, and
> in this order: frontend then config.

Well, I simply followed what you described in your bug report (at least 
what I understood).  Next time, please provide a full featured script 
that fires up slapd and performs the offending writes.  I'll change 
"cannot reproduce" to "report obscure".


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