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Re: (ITS#5809) syncrepl + back-ldif + "rename to same DN" fails

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
> I think ITS#5326 is related.  Namely, write operations (add, rename) 
> should always rebuild the (new)DN hierarchically from the tree.

I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, if any:-)  Syncrepl itself
needs to handle databases that are not that nice: We can't require
that of back-perl, nor back-ldap which accesses a non-OpenLDAP server
(if that makes any sense).  And syncrepl + rwm, maybe?  Also syncrepl
is an RFC (4533) so it should handle non-OpenLDAP peers.

Still, if it keeps OpenLDAP-on-OpenLDAP clean, that's a plus.
Unless we want back-ldif to be different just to test that syncrepl
handles different backends.  Might also make a test which replicates
between different backends - e.g. $BACKEND and back-ldif.