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Re: (ITS#5640) slapd scans too many objects at startup

Howard Chu wrote :
>I don't see this happening on my builds. Maybe you should post your configs 
>and a sample of the data and modifications used to illustrate the problem.

Hi Howard,
I just uploaded the archive file ITS_5640.tar.gz to the OpenLdap FTP incoming directory.
The script test099-syncreplication-mirrormode of this archive, derived from the test018-syncreplication-
persist, reproduces the problem in the OpenLdap test environment. 
To do so copy the file in the test directory of the openldap source, then :

cd tests
tar xvzf ./ITS_5640.tar.gz 
./run test099-syncreplication-mirrormode

Then look for the string 'access_allowed' in the log files.
This test shows that the problem has worsen :

1) The slave mirror does not scan only the recent objects but the whole tree,
2) By sending a search with a specific control to the master it makes the master scan its whole tree as 

This situation is reproduced each time you do a write operation in the master while the slave is down, and 
then start the slave.
The tests have been done in the HEAD extracted on Tuesday November 4.

I hope this can help.
Best Regards