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ITS 5709


I apologize if this is sent twice, I noticed I copied the wrong address in the first email sent by accident to openldap-its@openldap.org.


I am currently experiencing the problem that is detailed in ITS 5709. I am running OpenLDAP 2.4.11, from the information in ITS5709 it appears that this problem is resolved in HEAD. What I would like to do is to isolate the code that resolves this problem and put them in the 2.4.11 version of OpenLDAP that I am running.  I have been trying to determine exactly what changes were added to resolve the issue.


I also wanted to ask if doing this would be a viable solution until the time that another OpenLDAP version is released that resolves this issue. I am not familiar with the code base and would not want to introduce one change to try to resolve this issue and open up several new issues. 


Can someone familiar with the fix point me in the right direction as to whether the fix that resolves this is isolated and would be safe to back port to an older release (2.4.11), and if so how would I identify exactly what needs to be changed?


Also if someone could inform me if the above ITS would be included in part of 2.4.13 and is there any projected date for when 2.4.13 would be released.



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