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Re: (ITS#5796) back-sql intermittently failing

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I have no possibility to setup a back-sql with mysql right now.  Can you 
> post your configuration?  Can you post some (verbose) logs of operations 
> affecting back-sql (e.g. with BACKSQL_TRACE manually #defined in 
> back-sql/back-sql.h)?  Can you step thru a search into backsql_search() 
> and see if it gets called and why it doesn't get to contacting the rdbms?

I'm compiling with BACKSQL_TRACE defined right now.

After further prodding I have discovered...

ejabberd (a jabber daemon) makes connections to ldap, which it keeps 
open indefinitely. It appears mysql's odbc connector will time out an 
idle mysql connection after 8 hours. Since this is the slave system it's 
entirely possible for it not touch mysql connections for at least 8 hours.

If we restart mysql some ldap queries fail on back-sql portion until we 
kill ejabberd (to close it's ldap connections).

I'll give you logs with tracing enabled asap, but this looks like a big 
clue as to what is happening.