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Re: (ITS#5640) slapd scans too many objects at startup

ali.pouya@free.fr wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote :
>> I see.
>> This has been fixed for back-bdb/hdb in HEAD. If the database was shut down
>> cleanly before, there will be no scan on the next startup.
> Hi Howard,
> Thanks for the corrections.
> We tested the HEAD extracted on monday november 3. Unfortunately the problem
> explained in point 2 persists (even after a clean shutdown).
> Our directory contains 10 million entries. It can evolve to 40 million entries
> next year.
> The local sacanning speed is around 250 000 entries per minute.
> So the scan of the recent objects on the standby mirror after startup can take
> several minutes (unless if we distribute the write operations on both mirrors).

I don't see this happening on my builds. Maybe you should post your configs 
and a sample of the data and modifications used to illustrate the problem.
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