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Re: (ITS#5795) Modification of cn=config prevents to bind at next directory restart

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> emmanuel.duru@atosorigin.com wrote:
>> Full_Name: Emmanuel Duru
>> Version: 2.4.11
>> OS: Windows
>> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> I have set a rootdn on cn=config which is a real entry
>> (cn=admin,ou=somewhere,o=myorg,c=fr).
>> I bind with this DN.
>> I perform a change on cn=config (change the log level).
>> At next slapd startup, I get:
>> PROXIED attributeDescription "OU" inserted.
>> PROXIED attributeDescription "O" inserted.
>> PROXIED attributeDescription "C" inserted.
>> and then when trying to bind, I get an invalid credentials error (49).
>> The problem seems to come from modifiersname in cn=config entry, because if I
>> delete this attribute and restarts slapd, all is fine.
> Ah, thanks for this. You're seeing the same as #5783, but you've provided much
> more useful information here.
Now fixed in HEAD.

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