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Re: (ITS#5756) 2.4 slapo-pcache only caches first lookup for certain templates

On 4 Nov 2008, at 09:26, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> toby@inf.ed.ac.uk wrote:
>> Hi there, is there any further debugging I could usefully carry  
>> out  for this issue, or does it need someone who understands the  
>> code a bit  better?
> It's not a debugging problem, but rather a design issue.  The  
> current design makes use of the first AVA of the filter to decide  
> how two filters are compared.  In your case, the first component is  
> common to all filters, so only the first occurrence of a search with  
> that template can be cached.  This fact, to my knowledge, is  
> undocumented, but there's little to do except redesign this weighing  
> criterium.  As I already pointed out, you need to make the most  
> significant filter AVA appear first in your filter template.  Unless  
> anyone voluteers for a complete redesign [*] of this portion of  
> slapo-pcache(5), I take your ITS as a request to document this  
> aspect of template design.
> p.
> [*] a complete redesign could also get rid of strict ordering of  
> filter AVAs, allow "static" portions of the filter (something like  
> (&(objectClass=person)(uid=)) and so) and other relatively  
> unfriendly aspects of slapo-pcache(5) configuration.

The problem with changing the ordering in the template is that it then  
doesn't match the real lookups that occur and so the entries aren't  
cached - this is something over which I have no control - e.g. queries  
generated by 'ls -l', or by somebody logging into the machine, etc,  
etc.  This is why we have the filters this way.

e.g. sshing into one of our scientific linux 5.2 hosts generates the  
following lookups:

[sybies]toby: grep 'query template' ~/tmp/pcache-login |cut -d' ' -f13| 
sort|uniq -c
       1 (&(objectClass=)(cn=))
       2 (&(objectClass=)(|(memberUid=)(uniqueMember=)))
      28 (&(objectClass=)(uid=))
       5 (&(objectClass=)(uidNumber=))
      26 (&(objectClass=)(uniqueMember=))


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