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Re: (ITS#5640) slapd scans too many objects at startup

Ali Pouya wrote:
> Howard Chu a écrit :
>> The startup scan is only performed inside the syncprov overlay. If
>> server C is only a consumer, then it does not need the syncprov overlay.
> Yes, you are right for the point 1). Thank you.
> But I'm also bothered with the point 2) reproduced below :
> ....
> 2) If I do only one write operation on B, then I get two contextCSN values,
> which is normal.
> But il this case slapd on B scans, at each startup, all objecs written on A
> after the write operation on B.
> The log and the effect are similar to those explained above.

I see.

This has been fixed for back-bdb/hdb in HEAD. If the database was shut down 
cleanly before, there will be no scan on the next startup.

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