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Re: (ITS#5768) [enhancement] add support for Dereference Control

Howard Chu writes:
>> BTW, possibly "deref(erence)" is a confusing name for the control,
>> since it is apparently not related to aliases.
> Oh please. Nor is it related to referrals or search references, and yet
> these are all references, and "dereference" applies to them equally.

Actually the docs do use different names for that - "follow"/"chase"
referrals, or "chain" on the server side, vs. "deref"erence aliases.
So if this is a new operation, I figured it wouldn't hurt to look for
another word for whatever it is doing.  But sure, it's no big thing.
And in that regard it can already be a bit confusing that it's aliases
and not referrals & search references which are "deref"erenced.