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Re: (ITS#5769) Behaviour of ldap_sort_entries on a multivalued attribute

emmanuel.duru@atosorigin.com wrote:

> Currently, ldap_sort_entries when used with a multivalued attribute assumes that
> the attribute values are in the same order for all the entries. It would be
> better if this was not the case.
> For example, I would like to use ldap_sort_entries to sort entries according to
> objectclass attribute, so as to group entries by kind of objects.
> Let be 3 entries: 
> ==>cn=n1, objectclass: person, organizationalperson
> ==>ou=ou1, objectclass: organizationalunit
> ==>cn=n2, objectclass: organizationalperson, person
> result of ldap_sort_entries on objectclass: n2, ou1, n1, whereas I expected n1,
> n2, ou1.

ldap_sort_entries() is deprecated.  As a consequence, I would not expect 
any activity on it.  It is the client's duty to sort the way it likes.


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