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(ITS#5761) More flexible dynlist configuration desirable

Full_Name: Guillaume Rousse
Version: 2.4.11
OS: Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Dynlist overlay only accept a single configuration directive for the whole base,
preventing to map differently the request URL depending on the context.

For including users into groups with such URL as
ldap:///ou=users,dc=domain,dc=tld??sub?(gidNumber=X), you need 
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL member

For including groups into other groups, with such URL as
ldap:///ou=group,dc=domain,dc=tld?member?sub?(cn=Y), you need
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL

It would be practical to add a switch for this directive, allowing to restrict
its application to a specific context. Pierangelo suggested something as:

dynlist-attrset <group-oc> <URL-ad>
        [ ldap:///base??scope?filter ]
        [[<mapped-ad>:]<member-ad> ...]

Which would turn previous examples into:
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL